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ID Project Title Action
AU001 Aeroplane controlling system (model)
AU002 Compartment wise emergency exit in Aeroplane
AU003 Design and fabrication Solar hover bike (model)
AU004 Enrichment of biogas using water scrubbing
AU005 Design & fabrication hovercraft
AU006 Cyclone separator with blower
AU007 Fabrication of SMS controller Air Craft
AU008 Aero plane Run way monitoring and checking system by using webcam
AU009 Remote controlled Air Craft
AU010 Fabrication of black box in Aeroplane
AU011 Electro Hydraulic Steering System for Ship
AU012 Solar powered remote controlled aircraft
AU013 Fabrication of Marine Engine Model
AU014 Emergency Hydraulic steering used in ship
AU015 Sea Water converted to drinking water using Solar Power
AU016 Alternate Fuel for Marine Engine
AU017 Fabrication of Remote controlled Hovercraft
AU018 Fabrication of Hydrophore system in ship
AU019 Fabrication of Aluminium sail boat
AU020 Fabrication of Pneumatic steering for ship
AU021 Fabrication of Aerodynamic design for buses
AU022 Automatic Accident avoiding system for Ship by using Obstacle sensor
AU023 Fabrication of Mini Jet Engine
AU024 Bio waste convert to bio gas using marine
AU025 Methanol fueled marine diesel engine
AU026 Remote controlled oil skimmer Robot for marine application
AU027 Fabrication of pulse jet engine
AU028 Fabrication of manual operating spoiler in a vehicle
AU029 GPS based ship navigation system
AU030 Fabrication of Fly car
AU031 Aero plane Controlling System (Flying Model)
AU032 Fabrication of Osmotic power plant
AU033 Aero plane Visual landing gear arrangement with Tyre Pressure Inflation system
AU034 Silencer fabrication of centrifugal blower
AU035 Marine navigation & collision controller system
AU036 Fabrication of Sub Marine (Model)
AU037 Anti hijack systems for Aero plane
AU038 Fabrication of suction dredger for ship
AU039 Refrigeration using waste heats From Marine Engine
AU040 Magnetically Levitated Flight Landing system
AU041 Fabrication of combustion chamber for rocket engine
AU042 Air propulsion motor boats with remote control
AU043 Aero plane Controlling System (Glider model)
AU044 Cargo carrier ship model
AU045 Acetylene powered Jet engine
AU046 Fabrication of analysis of liquid propellant rocket engine with Gimballing and GSM for control ignition and thrust vectoring
AU047 Fabrication of mine detecting hover craft with camera
AU048 Lubrication oil cooing system for Ship
AU049 Water Fuel Engine for Mini Boat
AU050 Under Sea water Robot

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