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ID Project Title Action
AU001 Design and fabrication of Wind propelled car
AU002 Fabrication of methane gas engine
AU003 Opposite piston engine(model)
AU004 Performance of flat fin automotive radiator using nano fluids as coolants
AU005 Extraction of fuel from waste plastics using catalyst cracking & pyrolysis
AU006 Design and fabrication of fully covered two wheeler prototype
AU007 Design and fabrication of Squid jet propulsion
AU008 Airship fabrication (model)
AU009 Design & fabrication two wheel drive bike
AU010 Fabrication of Treadmill electric vehicle
AU011 Experimental study of heat transfer enhancement in liquid piston cylinder (hydraulic)
AU004 Manual powered car
AU012 Experimental analysis of vapour chamber heat spreader
AU013 Experimental investigation & comparative study of DI diesel engine fuelled with used transformer oil (auto)
AU014 Segway vehicle (3 wheels)
AU015 Fabrication and analysis of micro channel heat exchanger
AU016 Experimental study of downdraft gasifier & nozzle optimization
AU017 Variable volume engine (automatic clutch based)
AU018 4-wheel 3 mode steering
AU019 Fabrication of Air assisted clutch
AU020 Pulse jet engine performance normal petrol gas
AU021 Design & development of standing wheel chair
AU022 Design and fabrication of String bicycle
AU023 Effortless bicycle
AU024 Automatic pneumatic disc braking system
AU025 Fabrication of Bicycle wind turbine
AU026 Sterling engine with parabolic collector (Model)
AU027 Fabrication of Magnetic fuel modifier used in IC engine
AU028 Electro-Hydraulic System for Automation in Four Wheeler
AU029 Power generation from road transport using piezoelectric and rack & pinion
AU030 Fabrication of Automatic pneumatic jack
AU031 Shaft driver bicycle with 2 speed automatic gear transmission system
AU032 Two Engine Synchronization for Four Wheeler
AU033 Fabrication of Energy produced from running vehicle
AU034 Automatic Reverse locking system using differential unit
AU035 Fabrication of Air brake system using Engine exhaust gas
AU036 Elimination of chain drive in bicycle
AU037 Design and analysis of Aero spike nozzle for a air augmented rocket engine
AU038 Fabrication of Wind Energy Vehicle
AU039 Fabrication of Sweeper vehicle
AU040 Fabrication of Air engine
AU041 Fabrication of gearless transmission system
AU042 Fabrication of gearless transmission system
AU043 Fabrication of gearless transmission system
AU044 Numerical analysis and experimental validation of a single cylinder diesel engine with double injection
AU045 Fabrication of Loading and unloading crane for ship
AU046 Wireless tyre pressure monitoring system
AU047 Fabrication of brown gas Engine
AU048 Automatic car window opening by using sound and oxygen sensors
AU049 Touch screen based automatic gear shifting system
AU050 Viability of used sunflower oil as a substitute for diesel Engine
AU051 Fabrication of Tamble cycle with regenerative electrical cycle
AU052 Automatic acceleration control in traffic signal
AU053 Fabrication of Pulse jet engine (Model)
AU054 Fabrication of Quad bike
AU055 Heating and cooling jacket by using peltier effect
AU056 Fabrication of weighing bridge in moving vehicle
AU057 Fabrication of Buggy with solar hybrid vehicle
AU058 Automatic Electro-magnetic Clutch
AU059 Automatic Differential Unit locking system
AU060 Fabrication of Hybrid driving seat
AU061 Automatic Vehicle Over speed controlling system for School Zone
AU062 Fuel efficiency increasing system by using peltier Air preheated system
AU063 Enhancing the IC Engine Performance By Using The Electrolysis And Preheating Process
AU064 Highways Speed controller and automatic Pneumatic Braking System
AU065 Dual Brake Single liver System for two wheeler
AU066 Foldable Electric GoPed Two wheeler
AU067 Fabrication of Gyro stabilized two wheeler
AU068 Automatic speed breaker for preventing accident in school zone
AU069 Button operated electro-magnetic gear shifting system for two wheeler
AU070 Rear wheel steering for trailer truck
AU071 Fabrication of Aerodynamic design for buses
AU072 Automatic turbo charger at low and high speed of vehicle
AU073 Generative breaking system using pneumatic interface
AU074 Automatic Track Guided Vehicle (ATGV)
AU075 Fabrication of Four bar cycle drive mechanism
AU076 Energy-harvesting shock absorber with a mechanical motion rectifier
AU077 Remote controlled scrap collecting vehicle
AU078 Air conditionings of automobile using engine exhaust gas
AU079 Automatic parking breaking system for four wheeler
AU080 Sensor Operated Automatic Reverse Braking System
AU081 Automatic tyre pressure inflation system
AU082 Experimental study and Application in Nanofluids in refrigeration
AU083 Automatic steering control system for automobile
AU084 Fabrication of compressed air generation using speed breaker
AU085 Magnetically Levitated Train/Flight
AU086 Fabrication Automatic lawn mover
AU087 Cam shaft operated automatic gear change for two wheeler
AU088 Automatic pneumatic bumper and break actuation before collision
AU089 Fabrication of Foldable all wheel drive bicycle
AU090 Hybrid tilting three wheeler systems
AU091 Exhaust gas (silencer) heat recovery (TEG) power generation system
AU092 Hydraulic parking attachment for car
AU093 Fabrication of Motorized Center stand for cycle/bike
AU094 Fabrication of Magneto rheological clutch with load test
AU095 Fabrication of Motor bike with propeller shaft
AU096 Automatic drunken drive avoiding with helmet locking system
AU097 Automatic Magnetic Accident preventer for Train
AU098 Fabrication of Ferro fluid power generation
AU099 Magneto Rheological Fluid (MRF) Braking system
AU100 Automatic Distance Measurement and Braking System By using Ultrasonic Waves

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