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ID Project Title Action
AU001 Design & Animation of Hybrid Two Wheeler
AU002 Design and animation of multipurpose liver operated handicapped wheel chair
AU003 Design and animation of four In 1 Air Conditioner
AU004 Design and animation of Power Generation from Staircase Using Rack & Pinion mechanism
AU005 Design & Animation of Refrigeration Using Exhaust Heat from Engine
AU006 Design & Animation of Electro Magnetic Engine
AU007 Design & Animation of Petrol Engine with Water Injection
AU008 Design for Sterling Engine
AU009 Design & Animation of Water Fuel Engine with Power Generation
AU010 Design & Animation of Duel Power Generation System for Automobile (Thermo Electric + Exhaust Gas)
AU011 Design & Animation of Foot Step Power Generation
AU012 Animation of vehicle safety system under driver fatigue
AU013 Animation of Water Fuel Engine (Petrol & Hydrogen)
AU014 Design of Hybrid Air Engine
AU015 Design & Animation of Wind Mill with Diffuser Chamber & Tail
AU016 Design & Animation of Tilting Three Wheeler with a Hybrid System
AU017 Design & Animation of Step Climber with Leveling Unit
AU018 Design & Animation for Multi-Purpose Agro machine
AU019 Design & Animation of Joystick Controlled Car Mechanism for Physically Handicapped Person
AU020 Design of Pumped Storage Micro Hydro Power Plant
AU021 Design & Animation of Auto Pneumatic Disc Breaking System
AU022 Design & Animation of Electro Magnetic Suspension
AU023 Design & Animation of Button Operated Electro Magnetic Gear Shifting System for Two Wheeler
AU024 Design & Animation of Auto Indexing Gear Cutting Attachment for Pneumatic Shaping M/C
AU025 Design & Animation of Compressed Air Engine
AU026 Design & Animation of rubber tapping machine
AU027 Design & Animation of Assistive Limb technology For Physically .Challenged People
AU028 Design & Animation of Railway Accident Avoiding System (Level Crosier & Fire Alarm)
AU029 Design & Animation of Remote Controlled Bomb Detecting Robert
AU030 Design & Animation of Solar Air Cooler cum Heater

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