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ID Project Title Action
AU001 Analysis of Composite material For Al -Magnesium Analysis
AU002 FEM analysis of dynamic flexural behavior of composite sandwich beams with foam core.
AU003 Design and Analysis of Connecting Rod Using Al-Sic.
AU004 Experiment In Laser Cutting Machining In Aluminums Silicon Composite Material.
AU005 Design Analysis of a Circular and Square Shaped Piston Head.
AU006 Analysis of connecting rod using composite material.
AU007 Design and analysis of cam shaft.
AU008 Static and vibration analysis of shock absorber.
AU009 Experimental Investigation and Analysis of Piston by Using Hybrid Metal Matrix.
AU010 Design and Analysis of Sports Utility Vehicle?s Chassis and Its Passenger Cabin Cavity.
AU011 Finite element analysis of optimized compound cylinder.
AU012 Finite Element Analysis of Knuckle Joint Pin.
AU013 Vibration analysis of engine mounting bracket.
AU014 Single Acting Piston Pump Using Oscillating Motion.
AU015 Modeling and Analysis of Water Tank Stand.
AU016 Finite Element Analysis of Nozzle for Vertical Pressure Vessel.
AU017 Design and Analysis of a Pushrod Suspension System for a Formula Racing Car.
AU018 Design and Optimization of Scissor Jack.
AU019 Design and Analysis of Side Plate of Hydraulic Press Brake Using Ansys.
AU020 Modeling and Stress Analysis of Composite Material for Spur Gear under Static Loading Condition.
AU021 Analysis of manual bending condenser tube.
AU022 Design and Analysis of connecting rod using different materials.
AU023 Static and dynamic analysis of spur gear using different non-metallic materials.
AU024 Analysis of piston using AL-SIC-TiB2 Metal matrix composite.
AU025 Analysis of Graphite Rein Forced Aluminum Piston.
AU026 Analysis of Spur Gear -Al-Si-Sic-Mg.
AU027 Experiment In Laser Cutting Machining In Aluminum Silicon Composite Material.
AU028 Analysis of Electro Mechanical Ladder.
AU029 Structural Analysis of Leaf Spring Using Composite Material.
AU030 Analysis of crane hook with different cross section.
AU031 Structural Analysis of Automotive Chassis Frame and Design Modification for Weight Reduction.
AU032 Structural Analysis of Steering Yoke ofan Automobile.
AU033 Structural Analysis of Car alloy wheel using Aluminum and magnesium Alloys.
AU034 Vibration and Crash Analysis of Car Body Using ANSYS.
AU035 Design and Structural Analysis of Heavy Duty Vehicle Front Axle.
AU036 Static and Dynamic Analysis of Composite Rotor Blade.
AU037 Thermal & Static Analysis onIc Engine Piston Using FEA.
AU038 Design and finite element analysis of scissor lift using ANSYS
AU039 Material optimization analysis of leaf spring using ANSYS.
AU040 Increasing the operating life of two wheeler suspension using ANSYS.
AU041 Finite Element Analysis of connecting rod using material and structural parametric condition.
AU042 Structural and Thermal analysis of Disk Brake rotor disk.
AU043 Heat Insulation Analysis of an Aluminum Honeycomb Sandwich Structure.
AU044 Finite Element Analysis of spur gear by varying material.
AU045 Structural and Material optimization of household chairs using ANSYS.
AU046 Design modification and justification of Propeller shaft using ANSYS.
AU047 Design and material optimization of leaf spring using FEA.
AU048 Material and shape optimization of crane hook using FEA.
AU049 Force Analysis of Metal Sheet in Bending Operation on Sheet Bending Machine.
AU050 Analysis of Roll Bending Of Half Ring of Gas Turbine.

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