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ID Project Title Action
AU001 Performance Evaluation Of Heat-Sink With Pin-Fins Of Varying Configurations Using Cfd Simulations
AU002 Computational study of turbofan inlets.
AU003 Measuring Lift & Drag Forces for a Flow Over Formula1 Car?s Rear Wing
AU004 Winglet Design validation - CFD
AU005 Design and Analysis Of A Ceramic Heat-Exchanger Using Cfd Simulations
AU006 Aerodynamics of the New concept & Helps in Reducing the Design Cycle
AU007 CFD analysis of airfoil. Iterate for different angle of attack. Investigate multi-element designs.
AU008 Design of helmet for bicycle racer for minimum drag using CFD simulation. Just start with 2D simulations. Will be difficult to code for 3D.
AU009 Design And Analysis of Aerospike Nozzle For Air Augmented Rocket
AU010 CFD Simulation of Centrifugal Pump Impeller Using ANSYS-CFX
AU011 CFD Analysis of Automobile Radiator
AU012 CFD analysis of rocket nozzle
AU013 Flow analysis through a car body to estimate the drag characteristics by using CFD.
AU014 CFD Simulations to Examine Natural Ventilation of a class room in a building
AU015 CFD Analysis for a Mini Heat Exchanger
AU016 CFD Analysis of Power Plant Vent Silencer.
AU017 CFD Analysis for Intake and Exhaust Manifold.
AU018 CFD Analysis for Circular 3D Nozzle.
AU019 CFD Analysis for Nozzle with Grooves Design & Analysis of Pressure Vessels as per ASME ? FEA
AU020 Predicting performance of radial flow type impeller of centrifugal pump using CFD
AU021 CFD Analysis for flow through Chimney
AU022 CFD Analysis Of Fin With Hole And Without hole
AU023 Design & CFD Analysis of Modified Screw Engine
AU024 CFD Analysis for T-Joint
AU025 Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger Design Using CFD Tools
AU026 Computational analysis of intake manifold in Diesel engine ? CFD
AU027 Computational analysis of Catalytic converter- CFD
AU028 Design & CFD simulation of wind tunnel
AU029 Analysis Of Thermal Distribution In Radiator Using CFD
AU030 Design & CFD simulation of Ramjet
AU031 Computational analysis of intake manifold design of diesel engine for light commercial vehicle.
AU032 Design & CFD simulation of Scramjet Engine.
AU033 Design & CFD simulation of Axial Flow compressor
AU034 Design Optimization (CFD) of Aircraft Wings.
AU035 Flow Simulation on Nose cone ? Re-entry vehicle- CFD.
AU036 CFD Analysis for Silencer with different shapes of Perforations.
AU037 CFD Optimization of Compressor blade for axial spacing.
AU038 CFD Analysis for Centrifuge Casting.
AU039 Experimental Investigation of Flow Mal distribution in Micro channels.
AU040 CFD analysis of aerodynamics drags reduction and improves fuel economy.
AU041 CFD analysis of enhancement of heat transfer coefficient by using permeable fins.
AU042 Modeling and analysis of car wash on the go.
AU043 CFD Analysis of Automobile Radiator
AU044 CFD analysis of a Helical baffled Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
AU045 Performance Analysis of Centrifugal Impeller of Various Designs and Validation of Results by CFD
AU046 CFD Analysis of Flow through Venture of a Carburetor
AU047 CFD Analysis of Screw Shaft Engine
AU048 CFD analysis of rocket nozzle
AU049 Aerodynamics design for cars
AU050 Design and analysis of oscillating ball throwing machine

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