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ID Project Title Action
AU001 A Context-aware Service Evaluation Approach over Big Data for Cloud Applications
AU002 Achieving Energy Efficiency in Data Centers Using an Artificial Intelligence Abstraction Model
AU003 A Data and Task Co-scheduling Algorithm for Scientific Cloud Workflows
AU004 ADON: Application-Driven Overlay Network-as-a-Service for Data-Intensive Science
AU005 A Modified Hierarchical Attribute-based Encryption Access Control Method for Mobile Cloud Computing
AU006 An Efficient File Hierarchy Attribute-Based Encryption Scheme in Cloud Computing
AU007 Architectural Protection of Application Privacy Against Software and Physical Attacks in un-trusted Cloud Environment
AU008 Assurance of Security and Privacy Requirements for Cloud Deployment Model
AU009 A Secure Anti-Collusion Data Sharing Scheme for Dynamic Groups in the Cloud
AU010 Chaotic Searchable Encryption for Mobile Cloud Storage
AU011 Circuit Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Hybrid Encryption with Verifiable Delegation in Cloud Computing
AU012 CloudArmor: Supporting Reputation-Based Trust Management for Cloud Services
AU013 Conditional Identity-Based Broadcast Proxy Re-Encryption and Its Application to Cloud Email
AU014 Crowdsourcing based Description of Urban Emergency Events using Social Media Big Data
AU015 CypherDB: A Novel Architecture for Outsourcing Secure Database Processing
AU016 DiploCloud: Efficient and Scalable Management of RDF Data in the Cloud
AU017 Dual-Server Public-Key Encryption With Keyword Search for Secure Cloud Storage
AU018 Dynamic and Public Auditing with Fair Arbitration for Cloud Data
AU019 EPAS: A Sampling Based Similarity Identification Algorithm for the Cloud
AU020 Fine-Grained Two-Factor Access Control for Web-Based Cloud Computing Services
AU021 Flexible and Fine-Grained Attribute-Based Data Storage in Cloud Computing
AU022 Follow-Me Cloud: When Cloud Services Follow Mobile Users
AU023 Geometric Range Search on Encrypted Spatial Data
AU024 Identity-Based Private Matching over Outsourced Encrypted Datasets
AU025 Model-Driven Development Patterns for Mobile Services in Cloud of Things
AU026 On the Performance Impact of Data Access Middleware for No SQL Data Stores
AU027 Providing User Security Guarantees in Public Infrastructure Clouds
AU028 Protecting Your Right: Verifiable Attribute-Based Keyword Search with Fine-Grained Owner-Enforced Search Authorization in the Cloud
AU029 Secure Optimization Computation Outsourcing in Cloud Computing: A Case Study of Linear Programming
AU030 Secure Data Sharing in Cloud C006Fmputing Using Revocable-Storage Identity-Based Encryption
AU031 Stochastic Load Balancing for Virtual Resource Management in Datacenters
AU032 TMACS: A Robust and Verifiable Threshold Multi-Authority Access Control System in Public Cloud Storage
AU033 Using Socio-Spatial Context in Mobile Cloud Offload Process for Energy Conservation in Wireless Devices
AU034 Using Crowd-sourcing to Provide QoS for Mobile Cloud Computing
AU035 Video Stream Analysis in Clouds: An Object Detection and Classification Framework for High Performance Video Analytics
AU036 A Secure and Dynamic Multi-Keyword Ranked Search Scheme over Encrypted Cloud Data
AU037 Enabling Cloud Storage Auditing With Verifiable Outsourcing of Key Updates
AU038 Identity-Based Encryption with Cloud Revocation Authority and Its Applications
AU039 Identity-Based Proxy-Oriented Data Uploading and Remote Data Integrity Checking in Public Cloud
AU040 Real-Time Semantic Search Using Approximate Methodology for Large-Scale Storage Systems
AU041 Secure Data Sharing in Cloud Computing Using Revocable-Storage Identity-Based Encryption
AU042 Secure Optimization Computation Outsourcing in Cloud Computing: A Case Study of Linear Programming

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