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ID Project Title Action
AU001 Energy Efficient Outdoor Light Monitoring and Control Architecture Using Embedded System (IEEE -2016)
AU002 Low-power wearable ECG monitoring system for multiple-patient remote monitoring(IEEE -2016)
AU003 Energy-Efficient Intelligent Street Lighting System Using Traffic-Adaptive Control (IEEE -2016)
AU004 Development of a distributed disaster data and human life sign probe system (IEEE -2016)
AU005 Design and implementation of a home automation system for smart grid applications(IEEE -2016)
AU006 Milk products monitoring system with arm processor for early detection of microbial activity (IEEE -2016)
AU007 Micro grid demonstration gateway for players communication and load monitoring and management(IEEE -2016)
AU008 A smart wearable system for sudden infant death syndrome monitoring (IEEE -2016)
AU009 Exoskeleton robots for upper-limb rehabilitation (IEEE -2016)
AU010 Wearable Camera- and Accelerometer-Based Fall Detection on Portable Devices(IEEE -2016)
AU011 Innovation in Underwater Robots: Biologically Inspired Swimming Snake Robots (IEEE -2016)
AU012 An IOT-based system for collision detection on guardrails (IEEE -2016)
AU013 Gesture control of drone using a motion controller(IEEE -2016)
AU014 Controller Area Network Assisted Grid Synchronization of a Micro grid With Renewable Energy Sources and Storage(IEEE -2016)
AU015 A Real-Time Embedded System for Monitoring of Cargo Vehicles, Using Controller Area Network (CAN) (IEEE -2016)
AU016 A Wearable Device for Continuous Detection and Screening of Epilepsy during Daily Life(IEEE -2016)
AU017 Design and Development of Embedded based System for Monitoring Industrial and Environmental Parameters for Analyzing the Health of Human beings(IEEE -2016)
AU018 Review of Automatic Detection and control of Disease for Grape Field(IEEE -2016)
AU019 Automated Sensor Network For Monitoring and Detection of Impurity In Drinking Water System(IEEE -2016)
AU020 Embedded Voice Controlled Computer For Visually Impaired and Physically Disabled People Using Arm Processor(IEEE -2016)
AU021 Embedded with wireless tracking system for fitness ? IEEE 2016
AU022 Smart control home area network using embedded ? IEEE 2016
AU023 Wireless smart classroom using embedded technology ? IEEE 2016
AU024 A smart embedded technology system to monitor electricity theft ? IEEE 2016
AU025 Wireless ARM-Based Automatic Meter Reading & control system (WAMRCS) (IEEE-2015)
AU026 A brain computer interface based vehicle destination selection system using p300 and SSVEP signals(IEEE Feb 2015)
AU027 A Novel Biometric Approach for Human Identification and Verification Using Eye Blinking Signal (IEEE-2015)
AU028 RFID Technology for Continuous Monitoring of Physiological Signals in Small Animals (IEEE-2015)
AU029 Implementing Intelligent Traffic Control System for Congestion Control, Ambulance Clearance and Stolen Vehicle Detection (IEEE-2015)
AU030 Smart home for elderly care, based on Wireless Sensor Network (IEEE-2015)
AU031 Design and implementation of water environment monitoring system using GSM Technology (IEEE-2015)
AU032 Visual surveillance using absolute difference motion detection (IEEE-2015)
AU033 Wireless color sensing arm robot (IEEE-2015)
AU034 Zigbee-based irrigation system for home gardens (IEEE-2015)
AU035 RFID-based system for school children transportation safety enhancement (IEEE-2015)
AU036 Driver Behavior Profiling Using Smart phones :A Low-Cost Platform for Driver Monitoring (IEEE-2015)
AU037 A Self-Powering Wireless Environment Monitoring System Using Soil Energy (IEEE-2015)
AU038 GSM Based Voice Response System for Wireless Load Control and Monitoring (IEEE-2015)
AU039 Implementation of an in campus fire alarm system using Zigbee (IEEE-2015)
AU040 An Implantable RFID Sensor Tag toward Continuous Glucose Monitoring (IEEE-2015)
AU041 Automated Health Alerts Using In-Home Sensor Data for Embedded Health Assessment (IEEE-2015)
AU042 Quantitative Evaluation of a Low-Cost Noninvasive Hybrid Interface Based on EEG and Eye Movement (IEEE-2015))
AU043 Wireless Sensor Networks for Condition Monitoring in the Railway Industry: A Survey (IEEE-2015)
AU044 Embedded Wireless Data Acquisition system for unmanned vehicle in underwater Environment (IEEE-2015)
AU045 Photosensitive security system for theft detection and control using GSM technology (IEEE-2015)
AU046 Automatic Detection and Notification of Potholes and Humps on Roads to Aid Drivers (IEEE-2015)
AU047 Implementing Intelligent Traffic Control System for Congestion Control, Ambulance Clearance, And Stolen Vehicle Detection (IEEE-2015)
AU048 Integrated Sensing Systems and Algorithms for Solid Waste Bin State Management Automation (IEEE-2015)
AU049 Automatic identification of obstacles and crack sensing scheme in rail tracking system (IJARECE Jan 2015)
AU050 An embedded system in passenger car for road safety (IEEE-2015)

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