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ID Project Title Action
AU001 Flapping bird uav (model)
AU002 Design and fabrication of ball milling machine
AU003 Design of a drone for seed dropping (quad copter)
AU004 Aqua maxfine (without battery)
AU005 Metal declandaring machine
AU006 Fabrication of air powered wheel chair
AU007 Fabrication of Medical dispenser
AU008 Design and fabrication of Exo-Skelton
AU009 Swivel seat for physically disabled people
AU010 Mechanical dual can crusher
AU011 Fly wheel based water pump
AU012 Polymer abrasive mixing chamber
AU013 Exo support for legs
AU014 Calendar machine (roller)
AU015 Fabrication of multiple wear testing machine
AU016 Stroke therapy chair
AU017 Unpowered exoskeleton boot
AU018 Fabrication of easy lift stairs
AU019 Tilt & roll bed
AU020 Portable packing machine
AU021 Palm plate making machine
AU022 Two stage mechanical oscillator (water pendulum)
AU023 Manufacturing of cutting & sealing unit of automatic sanitary napkin making machine
AU024 Water waste separator using belt conveyor
AU025 Fabrication of Indexing jig for milling fixture
AU026 Design & Fabrication of Conveyor Automation
AU027 Double acting hack saw machine using scotch yoke mechanism
AU028 Multipurpose keyway attachments in lathe
AU029 Fabrication of Bore well child rescuing machine
AU030 Remote controlled floor cleaning machine
AU031 Optimization of process parameters in wire cut
AU032 Automatic Fault egg sorting machine
AU033 Fabrication of Paper recycling machine
AU034 Fabrication of gear tooth grinding machine
AU035 Fabrication of Coconut Scraping Machine
AU036 Groundnut harvester with thresher
AU037 Pneumatic Multi Axis Modern Truck
AU038 Automatic oil mill mechanism
AU039 Pneumatic double axis excavator arm
AU040 Tapping attachment in drilling machine
AU041 Automatic sheet metal feeding and cutting machine
AU042 Design of Automatic Embossing Drilling Machine
AU043 Fabrication of Automatic shoe polisher
AU044 Double drum wet grinder
AU045 Pneumatic road marking machine
AU046 Fabrication of Power producing pendulum kit
AU047 Coconut dehusking machine
AU048 Eccentric punching machine
AU049 Fabrication of chip crushing machine
AU050 Eccentric shear cutting machine

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