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ID Project Title Action
AU001 Fabrication of Wall climbing robot (by using magnet)
AU002 Hydraulic based emergency rescue ladder
AU003 Potato peeling & slicing machine (automatic)
AU004 Design & fabrication of automatic lime juicer
AU005 Design & fabrication of modified sand muller
AU006 Sensor fusion based vacant parking slot detection and tracking with RFID
AU007 Fabrication & automation of vibro cleaning process in a typical die casting industry
AU008 Design & fabrication Wall glass cleaning machine
AU009 Fabrication of Paper recycling machine
AU010 Automatic car covering system
AU011 Design & fabrication of hotel serving robot
AU012 Fabrication of Electrode flux remover
AU013 Design & fabrication of automatic soil monitoring robot
AU014 Semi automatic wall plastering machine
AU015 Automated over tank cleaning system
AU016 Design & fabrication of Self balancing vehicle
AU017 Automation of front plate assembly of rotary switch
AU018 Automatic idly batter filling mechanism
AU019 Automation of Violent elephant controlling mechanism
AU020 Cricket ball shooter for amatures
AU021 Design & Automation of Smart blind stick
AU022 Restaurant monitoring system
AU023 An optical method of foot pressure monitoring & therapy for paralyzed patient
AU024 Fabrication of Tilting fan
AU025 High efficient cooling system with help of BLDC motor
AU026 Touch screen based automatic gear shifting system
AU027 Automatic Voice controlled Wheel Chair
AU028 Fabrication of unaided automatic tri cycle
AU029 Automatic Colour code sensing punching machine
AU030 Intelligent active Suspension system for two wheeler
AU031 Fabrication of Remote operated weapon System
AU032 Over Speed Indication and Automatic Accident Avoiding System for Four Wheeler
AU033 Fabrication of automatic punching/Printing conveyor
AU034 Automatic gear changer in bicycle
AU035 Automatic safety systems for railway coaches
AU036 Automatic Packing control Machine
AU037 Design & fabrication of Double axis drilling machine
AU038 Automated paper cup Feeding and making machine
AU039 Sensor Operated Foot dust cleaner
AU040 D & F of Automatic Pneumatic Printing Press
AU041 Fabrication of Hydraulic sensing cutting machine
AU042 Automatic multi directional photo shearing machine
AU043 Automatic vehicle over loading alert system
AU044 Automatic drunken drive avoiding with helmet locking system
AU045 Eye blink sensor based automatic bumper and breaking system
AU046 Fabrication of Automatic weighing and packing machine
AU047 Two Wheeler Automation with security System
AU048 Fabrication of Anti theft steering system
AU049 Multi tasked smart Wheel chair for physically challenged people
AU050 Automatic emergency exit and tyre inflation system

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