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ID Project Title Action
AU001 Robotic arm (pneumatic)
AU002 Automatic Scrap collecting Robot
AU003 Intelligent oil skimmer Robot
AU004 Automatic smart Robot for library
AU005 Object Tracking Robot Using Image Processing
AU006 Rescue Robo for Deep Well
AU007 Distance Monitoring and Object Detecting Robot
AU008 Visitor guided with material handling Robot
AU009 Automatic lawn mower Robot
AU010 Fully Automated Track Guided Vehicle (ATGV)
AU011 Neural control of a fully actuated biped robot
AU012 Wireless PC based Voice Based Path Control Robot
AU013 Artificial Intelligent based Solar Vehicle
AU014 SMS Based automatic vehicle accident information system
AU015 Rescue Robot for Military Purpose
AU016 Pneumatic Double axis JCB Robot
AU017 SMS controlled video analyzing Robot
AU018 Automatic Paint spraying Robot
AU019 SMS Based Alive Human Detector In Affected Areas/War Fields
AU020 Human detection in robot search & rescue using PIR
AU021 Automatic fire fighting Robot with visitor guided
AU022 Fabrication of Robot manipulator
AU023 Fabrication of Bipedal walking robot
AU024 Fabrication of mechanical spider (waking robot)
AU025 Fabrication of Quad bike
AU026 Fabrication of Multi-purpose Soldier robot
AU027 The Watchdog - Robot Inspector for an Fire Hazards Area
AU028 Smart Tanker Robot for Security Operations
AU029 Remote controlled bomb detecting Robot
AU030 Cell Phone controlled pick and place Robot
AU031 Fabrication of Path finding Robot
AU032 Fabrication of Tennis ball collector robot
AU033 Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)
AU034 Fabrication of Anti drown vehicle
AU035 Fabrication of Kinematic walker Robot
AU036 Automatic Steering Control Robot
AU037 PIR based human focus movement Robot
AU038 Pick and Place Robot with Remote Control
AU039 Automatic open well cleaning robot
AU040 Real time security guard robot using GSM/ CDMA networking
AU041 Fabrication of Fire fighting AGV
AU042 Walking Robot with Hyper Line Tracker Using IR Sensors
AU043 Robot Assistive limb for physically challenged people
AU044 Fabrication of Automatic Stair climbing Robot
AU045 Ripened fruit identification and picking robot
AU046 Fabrication of Fly car
AU047 Building an Autonomous Light Finder Robot
AU048 AI based solar vehicle and coin based electronic bus conductor
AU049 Kinematics analysis of a parallel robot with a passive segment
AU050 Fabrication of Go-kart car

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