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ID Project Title Action
AU001 Design & fabrication of green gym
AU002 Fabrication of V-Trough solar water heater
AU003 Design & fabrication of Dual rotor wind turbine
AU004 Electric scooter powered by wind & Piezo electric power and solar
AU005 Generation of electricity from cycling exercise (250w generator)
AU006 Development of a New high tech walking electric bike using solar power
AU007 Air borne wind mill energy system
AU008 Fabrication of vertical dual rotor wind turbine
AU009 Energy harvesting using back pack
AU010 Floating turbine with power generation
AU011 Solar Water Purification by using thermal method
AU012 Swing electricity generation system
AU013 Fabrication and performance test of a model solar refrigeration system
AU014 Solar operated automatic seed sowing Machine
AU015 Solar Peltier air cooler cum heater
AU016 Electrical power generation from wind energy, solar energy and rain water
AU017 Fabrication of Basin type solar still multiple floating porous absorbers
AU018 Development of A Soft Robotic Arm Gripper Using A Micro Pump
AU019 Non Conventional Method of Water Pumping Using Vertical Wind Turbine
AU020 Fabrication of Fuel cell bike
AU021 Nanofluids based Solar desalination using flashing technique
AU022 Wind and Solar Hybrid system for home
AU023 Hybrid vehicle with regenerative breaking in motor cycle
AU024 Fabrication of Pedal operated drilling machine
AU025 Fabrication of Solar Car
AU026 Solar enhanced energy efficient food processor
AU027 Solar powered automatic temperature controller with cooling system
AU028 Solar air heater by using Solar still
AU029 Fabrication of Mobile charging from shoe
AU030 Fabrication of paddling washing machine
AU031 Dual Axis automatic Solar panel Tracking System
AU032 Fabrication of Solar room warmer
AU033 Fabrication of Thermal storage unit using PCM
AU034 Fabrication of darrieus rotor wind turbine
AU035 Fabrication of Diffuser Type wind mill
AU036 Fitness equipment for localized electric power generation
AU037 Electric scooter powered by wind & piezoelectric power
AU038 Design and fabrication of manually track parabolic solar disc for in-house cooking
AU039 Solar powered tea leaf cutting machine
AU040 Solar operated portable vacuum cleaner
AU041 Fabrication of Double reflection solar still
AU042 Experimental study and testing of Solar flat plate collector with concrete and adjustable glass cover
AU043 Fabrication of Automatic Solar Board Cleaner
AU044 Agricultural Paddy Cleaning System by using Solar Power
AU045 Fabrication of Waste oil burning system
AU046 Experimental setup and Application of Nanofluids in solar water heater
AU047 Solar Wheel Chair for physically Disabled generator on unroofed parked vehicle
AU048 Fabrication of Non conventional Air compressor
AU049 Solar water purification combined with FPC and ETC
AU050 Intelligent solar-powered automobile ventilation system

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