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ID Project Title Action
AU001 Zeolite desiccant dehumidifier with variable frequency drive with moisture sensor
AU002 Experimental analysis of solid desiccant wheel dehumidifier
AU003 Combo air conditioner
AU004 Water cooled condenser for domestic
AU005 Bio gas purification system
AU006 Fabrication of cross flow heat exchanger
AU007 Experimental analysis of vapour chamber heat spreader
AU008 Fabrication and analysis of micro channel heat exchanger
AU009 Nanofluids based solar desalination using flashing technique
AU010 Fabrication of Waste oil burning system
AU011 Engine cooling and fuel preheating using peltier element
AU012 Experimental study on the performance of heat pump system trans-critical co2 refrigerant
AU013 Fabrication of Portable juice cooler
AU014 Electrical power generation system by using Gasifier
AU015 Solar aided portable vacuum desalination plant
AU016 Multi-Purpose Ground Dryer (or) Multi-Purpose Dryer Cum Room Heater
AU017 Low pressure solar water heater with auto tracking
AU018 VIVACE (vortex induced vibration aquatic clean energy) a new concept in generation of clean and renewable energy from fluid flow
AU019 Development of basin solar still by adding magnetic treatment unit and double glass cover provided with water
AU020 Experimental study and testing of Solar flat plate collector with concrete and adjustable glass cover
AU021 Fabrication of cooling jacket for motorcycle
AU022 Fabrication of MHD power generation
AU023 Fabrication of Steam jet refrigeration
AU024 Fabrication of Vortex flow floating turbine
AU025 Fabrication of Solar oven
AU026 Fabrication of plate freezer
AU027 Fabrication of biomass briquetting machine
AU028 Thermo-electric solar air conditioner
AU029 Fabrication of Latent Heat Exchanger
AU030 Effect of Nanofluids in a modified vacuum single basin solar still
AU031 Design & fabrication of combo refrigerator
AU032 Advance cooling system in a tourist bus
AU033 High efficient cooling system with help of BLDC motor
AU034 Fabrication and Experimental study of shell and Tube heat exchanger
AU035 Fabrication of Hybrid titanium air conditioner
AU036 Fabrication of Solar Fridge
AU037 Design and analysis of Aero spike nozzle for a air augmented rocket engine
AU038 Fabrication and Experimental study of Refrigeration Trainer kit
AU039 Solar plus Compressor Heat Desalinator Water Still
AU040 Design and development of downdraft Gasifier for operating CI engine on dual fuel mode
AU041 Performance analysis of single and dual slope solar still with biomass and jute separately
AU042 Experimental investigation of an air conditioning system drive by Engine
AU043 Experimental study of Refrigeration setup with 2 different diffusers
AU044 Waste chill recovery heat exchange
AU045 Fabrication of Mini Jet Engine
AU046 Fabrication of Bicycle powered Refrigerator
AU047 Water Cooler cum Air Conditioner
AU048 Solar Air Cooler cum heater with auto tracking system
AU049 Fabrication of Loop heat pipe
AU050 Fabrication of Cooling tower

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